Building Information Modeling (BIM) Systems

BIM is a process that begins with the creation of an intelligent 3D model and enables document management, coordination and simulation during the entire lifecycle of a project (plan, design, build, operation and maintenance).BIM is used to design and document building and infrastructure designs. Every detail of a building is modeled in BIM. The model can be used for analysis to explore design options and to create visualizations that help stakeholders understand what the building will look like before it’s built. The model is then used to generate the design documentation for construction.A success level 2 BIM implementation project (Pre- construction stage) have many advantages.

The intelligent clash tool to detect conflict and improve cross disciplinary coordination. Furthermore, collective collaboration (CDE) keeps all stakeholders informed & in control of project performance. These systems also reduce the error, wastage and mitigate risk at early project stage.

AKIPRIMA in collaboration with business associates have successfully implemented and currently undergoing projects using Building Information Modeling (BIM) systems. We have the ability to implement full scale collaborative BIM modeling that encompasses not only architecture but also engineering aspects.